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"The contribution of all the cultures that coexist in Lajares is reflected in the atmosphere."

Best place to stay for a week in Fuerteventura

In the north of the island, several minutes from Corralejo, is the village of Lajares, surrounded by volcanoes and lava flows. The dry and arid landscape recalls a desert, with palm trees that give shade and colour to the monochrome village. 

Its houses are low, functional and inexpensive, with simple designs and a varied mix of Moorish, Castilian, Portuguese and French traditional styles. 

A typical Fuerteventura village, without great pretensions, but with a welcoming atmosphere and history that invites you to stay.

The good location to discover the island or go surfing !

In Lajares you will find lots of riding businesses : Surf, wind and kite shops, schools, rentals, repairs and shapers, surf bar … 

A strategic location to reach every beach in the northern part of the island in less than 15 minutes. Let's go surfing on the best spots of the island.

Escape the crowded Corralejo, you’ll find in Lajares all the necessary : supermarket, pharmacy, bakeries, bookshop, restaurants, pizzeria, etc.

This is the authentic lifestyle of the island that cannot be found in any tourism guide book !

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